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Learn witch Richie about Nuclear energy

Fun Facts

You’ve probably seen a lump of coal, a canister of oil and a balloon filled with gas. You play in the sun, wash in water and feel the wind as you walk down the street. Maybe you even know what uranium looks like. But just how do these things produce electricity? They’re all so different!

To create electricity, you need to power a special machine called a generator. And to power a generator, you need to spin a big wheel called a turbine.

When burning fossil fuels, a great amount of heat is created, which then heats up water and makes steam. It’s this steam which spins a turbine, which powers the generator.

Likewise, when you split atoms to make nuclear energy, an enormous amount of heat is created. This heats water too, making steam and spinning a turbine. Nuclear energy doesn’t produce any carbon dioxide, though, unlike fossil fuels!

Solar panels convert light energy into power in a similar way. On wind farms, the wind spins turbines. At a hydroelectric power plant, it’s the water that spins a turbine.

So, there are many ways to create electricity - but…

Even though the methods of creating electricity are all very different, they have many things in common.

Here at URENCO, we believe nuclear is a vital part of the future energy mix!

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