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Learn witch Richie about Nuclear energy

Fun Facts

Some countries use more electricity than others. It makes sense really - countries with lots of people and lots of big cities use lots of energy.

You already know that there are loads and loads of ways of creating energy; by burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas), using renewable energy sources (water, wind and the sun) and, of course, using uranium to produce nuclear energy! Each country uses a different mix of these energy sources to get the power they need.

Some countries, like France, already love using nuclear energy, because it’s clean (remember, it doesn’t produce any carbon dioxide), it’s not too expensive and it won’t run out anytime soon. About 80% of the energy that they produce comes from nuclear power. Other countries may be using other energy sources for now, although the need for nuclear power is always growing.

Still, nuclear power is a popular way of creating energy.

The 10 countries which need the most electricity use nuclear power as part of their energy mix.

That means nuclear power is generating electricity for people all over the world.

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