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Learn witch Richie about Nuclear energy

Fun Facts

How often do you use energy? Every time you flick a light switch, turn on the television, make a phone call to your friends or listen to music, you’re using it! In fact, you even use energy to walk, think and ride your bike!

You’re using energy constantly, whether you realise it or not. The energy that powers our body comes from the food and drink we eat, and we need enough to get us through the day without getting too tired.

But spaghetti bolognese can’t power your computer. This energy comes from power stations. Power stations get their energy in lots of different ways including; by burning fossil fuels (coal,oil and gas), by using renewable energy sources like the sun and wind, and of course, nuclear energy.

Nuclear energy comes from a special, heavy metal which can be mined, like coal or oil. This metal is called uranium. So, why use uranium instead of coal or oil? Well, there are tons of reasons why including:

One pellet of uranium the size of your fingernail produces as much energy as a lorry full of coal.


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