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Learn witch Richie about Nuclear energy

Fun Facts

Have you ever wondered how much energy we need to power our computers, our TVs and our games consoles? Do you know what carbon dioxide is? Would you like to know how you can save energy and look after the environment? Richie has thought of 10 fun facts which answer these and lots of other questions. Click on any of the fun facts below to find out more.

Fact 1: Full of energy

One pellet of uranium the size of your fingernail produces as much energy as a lorry full of coal.

Fact 2: Clean and green

Unlike fossil fuels, nuclear energy doesn’t produce any carbon dioxide.

Fact 3: Powerful cities

URENCO produces enough energy, every year, to power London or New York for 30 years.

Fact 4: Popular power

The 10 countries which need the most electricity use nuclear power as part of their energy mix.

Fact 5: Exciting electricity

Even though the methods of creating electricity are all very different, they have many things in common.

Fact 6: A very fast car

If a racing car’s engine spun as fast as a Urenco centrifuge, the car would travel non-stop at top speed for 15 years without a pit-stop.

Fact 7: Nuclear energy around the world

Across the world, almost 13% of electricity comes from nuclear power.

Fact 8: You can change the world

You can make a difference to the world, just by saving electricity and recycling.

Fact 9: Atomic adventures

U235 can be split to release nuclear energy, whereas U238 can't!

Fact 10: It’s cool to walk to school

Why not spread the word… it’s cool to walk to school!


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